About Us

85Metrics is an Information Communication and Technologies firm based in Nigeria, with the mission to provide professional guidance, management and implementation of data services, business intelligence, digital strategies and business data analysis to our esteemed clients.

We strongly believe that success is not only about consistently achieving our company goals, it’s about furnishing our clients with knowledge and expertise to help make them informed business decisions. This is why we have put up initiatives like Corporate MS Excel Training, Business Data Analysis using flexible tools and Dashboard Reporting Software to automate data and effective reporting in place.

The company was duly registered with Nigeria corporate affairs commission and it consists of a qualified, highly skilled awesome team with right culture. Our team is bringing into the Information and Communication Technology industry in Nigeria world-class expertise and experience in the field of Information Technology, Data Analysis, Consultancy and provision of a global standard ICT infrastructure and services.

The key to our success is in the way we build very robust and trust based relationships with clients based on our ability to transformed ideas and key concepts into solutions to our clients’ business issues using the tools they already have.



To be a highly effective Microsoft Excel Training and DATA ANALYSIS firm that understands our clients’ business needs and maintains maximum responsiveness and service quality.


To provide comprehensive data services that will avail ou knowledge and expertise in making betterr clients with informed business decisions, using flexible tools they already have in the most cost effective way .


To play a leading role in providing the best solutions that will shape the future of our esteemed clients’ business operations by instilling them with DATA and ANALYTICAL intelligence without ever loosing personal touch.


  • ⬥ Business Data Analysis and Reporting
  • ⬥ Corporate Microsoft Excel Training and Consultancy
  • ⬥ Dashboard Reporting Software

Stated above are our areas of core competence. We can assist you in turning your business ideas and aspirations into practical successes and guaranteed profitable enterprises by keeping your commands in tune with the best data analysis and reporting solutions in the world.

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