Data Analysis of Ondo 2016 Governorship Election

It is no longer news that the good people of Ondo state had chosen their next premier citizen that will lead the Sunshine State for the next four years at least a Term in a peaceful poll conducted by INEC on the November 26th, 2016.

It is imperative to take a deep look at the pattern of voting that produced Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN (AKETI) of All Progressive Congress (APC) as the Governor-Elect across the eighteen Local Government to see how we can make use of the few take-away for future references.
At the end, we should be able to deduce how the voters’ performance affected the chances of other contestants such as Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) of People Democratic Party (PDP) and Olusola Oke of Alliance for Democracy (AD) just to mention a few to clinch the highest seat in the state and no thanks to the financial inducement which can make mess of any statistical analysis.

It must be recognised that, there were few challenges faced by major contestants in the built up to the election such as the PDP factional crises to the fallout from APC primary and so forth. But the contest could still be adjudged as one of the best so far in the state in term of security and otherwise.

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The good thing about the election that will spur our analysis is what I called the battle of senatorial contest as the top three contenders spread among the three Senatorial District in the State. The Senatorial Districts which include Ondo North, Ondo Central, and Ondo South has Rotimi Akeredolu, Eyitayo Jegede, and Olusola Oke as their top contender respectively.

Ondo Northern Senatorial District
Let us shed more light on the performances of the top four leading candidates in this Senatorial District where APC candidate and Owo born legal luminary in the person of Oluwarotimi Akeredolu hails from. Though the 185,560 accredited voters which amount to 42.18% of the registered voters were not too an impressive turnout for the senatorial district that has the least number of registered voters.

In anticipation to land the number one seat in the State for their kinsmen after fourteen years since late Pa Adebayo Adefarati left the seat for late Dr Olusegun Agagu from South and Dr Olusegun Mimiko the incumbent from the central. The majority of those that came out to vote amount to 48.18% ensured they voted for one of their own to clinch the seat with 89,411 votes of the total votes cast in the Northern Senatorial District.
Aketi won in all the six Local Government that made up of his senatorial district which include Akoko North East, Akoko North west, Akoko South East, Akoko South West, Ose, and Owo. However, listed bellow is the breakdown analysis of the performances among the top four contenders in the Local Goverment Areas.

Akoko North East LG Breakdown

Akoko North West LG Breakdown
Akoko South East LG Breakdown
Akoko South west LG Breakdown

Ose LG Breakdown
OwoLG Breakdown

Ondo Central Senatorial District
This Senatorial District did not only produce the candidate for the ruling party(PDP) in the person of Mr. Jegede(SAN) and the incumbent, Governor Mimiko but also has the highest number of registered voters.

The statistics of voters performance of 29.69% that amount to 200,465 out of the 675,154 registered voters could be tagged abysmal considering their high level of voter enlightment and the influence of the incumbent who favour the senatorial District more in the course of his administration.

Also not forgeting the much touted “Akure Agenda” with the sole target to produce Akure indigene for the number one job in the state, Mr. Jegede surprisingly lost in both the Akure North and Akure south Local Governments to Aketi.
The APC candidate stole the show against all old to emerged victorious with 36.60% of the entire votes cast in the Central Senetorial District and won 4 out of 6 Local Government with a total number of 73,371votes to 70,524 votes of the much favoured indigen Mr. Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) who manage to wins in 2 out of 6 Local Governments and Olusola Oke of AD with 35,754 votes at the central senatorial district.

The six LGs include Akure North, Akure south, Idanre, Ifedore, Ondo East, and Ondo West.
Akure North LG Breakdown
Akure South LG Breakdown
Idanre LG Breakdown
Ifedore LG Breakdown
Ondo East LG Breakdown
Ondo West LG Breakdown

Ondo South Senatorial District
It is the Senatorial District of the Alliance for Democracy candidate in the person of Mr. Olusola Oke. As a matter of fact, it has the second largest number of registered voters, recorded highest percentage of PVC collected with 84.13%, and the highest percentage of voters’ turnout compare to the number of registered voters.
Ordinarily one would expected Oke to lock down his Senatorial District, but his 62,067 votes as the winner from 2 out of 6 Local Governments in the Southern Senatorial District were not enough to edge out Aketi who stole the show again to defeat Mr. Oke right there in the presence of his kinsmen with a total of 72,060 votes that amount to 36.22%.

Surprisingly won in the 4 out of 6 local governments to become the landlord in Alagbaka. The Local Governments that made up of the Southern Senatorial District are; Ile-Oluji-Okeigbo, Odigbo, Irele, Okitipupa, Ilaje, and Ese-Odo.
Ile-Oluji-Okeigbo LG Breakdown
Odigbo LG Breakdown
Irele LG Breakdown
Okitipupa LG Breakdown
Ilaje LG Breakdown
Ese-Odo LG Breakdown

Against all odd Aketi of APC satisfied all the necessary requirement and was elected to the highest office in Ondo state for the next four years with 234,842 votes that amount to 40.14% of the entire votes cast during the contest.

Conclusively, the turn out of the voters were very low i.e 35.41%. Although a lot of reasons can be adduced for the pronounced voters apathy. Since democracy is an inclusive and participatory form of government, it is now incumbent on both the Government at every level, INEC and Civil Liberty Organisations to commence aggressive and massive voters enlightment and awareness campaigns in order to increase the voters turn out in the subsequent elections.

For instance having a 75% voters turnout in the future elections will most probably put much responsibility on the eventual winner to perform and deliver on his/her electioneering promises.
Congratulations to the good people of Ondo state.

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