we handle Data Analysis to deliver effective reporting with professional touch

Our focus

Our Goals

To play a leading role in providing the best solutions that will shape the future of our esteemed clients’ business operations by instilling them with DATA and ANALYTICAL intelligence without ever loosing personal touch.

Our Vision

To be a highly effective Microsoft Excel Training and DATA ANALYSIS firm that understands our clients’ business needs and maintains maximum responsiveness and service quality.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive data services that will avail our clients with knowledge and expertise in making better-informed business decisions, using flexible tools they already have in the most cost effective way

About US

About 85Metrics

85Metrics is based in Nigeria, with the mission to provide professional guidance, management and implementation of data services, business intelligence, digital strategies and business data analysis to our esteemed clients.

We strongly believe that success is not only about consistently achieving our company goals, it’s about furnishing our clients with knowledge and expertise to help them make informed business decisions. This is why we have put up initiatives like Corporate MS Excel Training, Business Data Analysis using flexible tools and Dashboard Reporting Software to automate data and effective reporting in place.

Our team is made up of a qualified, skilled, and right culture personnel that build very robust and trust based relationships with clients. Click here for  more details

  • Business Data Analysis and Reporting

    We deploy functionalities and features that will facilitate smooth data updates and simplify interactive data manipulation to save time, resources and manpower while ensuring your management reports are up to date.

  • Corporate Microsoft Excel Training and Consultancy

    Our training will avail you with the technicalities of jobs, functions and formulas that are needed to grow fast and stay competitive

  • Dashboard Reporting Software

    Our Excel Dashboards will not only accomplish all your purposes with the primary data trends but also offer your image an overall perception of corporate effectiveness as well as factors affecting the performance system of your organization.

  • Digital Marketing and Strategies

    We will take the advantages of the ever-growing digital media to map your content to the buyers’ journey

Our Team

Musa Mayomi Momodu
Founder 85Metrics
A lead trainer and Business Data Analyst
Zainab Hussaini Muhammad
Admin Manager
Sheu Ayoola Momodu
Content Marketing Specialist


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